Deals good till Saturday August, 8


Got some good deals for these next two weeks to keep you rolling fresh. We have a huge amount of Creature Skateboards coming in the next couple of days in every size and shape. So come by and take advantage of these killer deals.

We also have some more shirts coming in to keep you fresh for back to school. We are going to have cool shirts that you will not typically find in your mainstream Skate shop, so you wont end up looking like the guy next to you.

Since my Elbow is broken and It takes too long to make these flyers with my left hand, these specials are good for the next two weeks.

Like always keep supporting your local skate shop, because we support skateboarding. If you buy your stuff from big chains your money is going somewhere else other than skateboarding. We are here to help promote the love of skateboarding, and help with the skateboarding scene that is lacking in this area…

Check out: Vagrant Skateboards

Vagrant skateboards have been around for a couple of years now. The owner Mike is a Rad dude and a local ripper. I have had the honor to skate with him a couple of times. Their team is very talented just to name a few they have Frank Shaw and Rick Fabro. They are some heavy pool rippers. Make sure you check them out to see what they are all about.

Website :

Products Update

We got a lot of new brands in since the first day we opened. There are still more brands we gotta get into the shop, but at least everything is looking pretty solid.

Thanks Everyone for the support. We wouldn’t be here without you.

There are more things we are working on so keep a look out for them. We will keep you updated.

Free stickers with every order.
Got some Overcast shirts made come by and pick some up.
Foundation Decks
We got pig Rails and wax to keep you nice and slick.

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