Deals for the Next 2 weeks Ends Saturday 10/3

deals103Come by and take advantage of these deals get some of the best Wheels in the Game for $33 that is $3 off regular price.

FKD Bearings are $15 that is $2 off regular price.

The Deck Specials are always a good one you get a Pro deck gripped for $49 this weeks choices are awesome we got Vagrant skateboards, Cliche skateboards, and Creature Skateboards in the line up.

Also come by and check out the wall of sales decks we got decks starting at $35 to $46 gripped. Come check it out.

We got something for everyone’s budget.


Frick Off and Skate Montage

Another oldie but goody… This one is from about two or three years ago, there is a lot of footage from Carmel Valley Skatepark because that is when JedHighJoe lived out in SD. This one has some of the Menifee homies in it too. Enjoy and make sure you are supporting Skater Owned Skate shops.

See you at the shop soon…..

Oh yeah And make sure You Check MF DOOM if you like the music. The song is called “Ode to Road Rage”