10% off custom completes all day everyday

10 off completes

We always do 10% off when you buy a custom complete. Pick all the parts for your set up and we take 10% off. We build it at no extra charge,or you can just take it home and build it yourself.

Shop deck completes start at $96

Graphic Pro Model deck completes start at $108

Everything you get is high quality professional grade stuff. We like making quality completes. Come in and check us out.

Thanks for Supporting skater owned.

Black Friday Sales


Black Friday Sales start Wednesday and End Saturday. We will be open from 11 to 6pm on friday, so enjoy your thanksgiving. I hope to see you all here, thanks for supporting a skater owned skate shop. We are not only here to sell you skateboards but we are here to educate, and make the skateboard community stronger.