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“The Golden Age” Vx Montage

“The Golden Age” was filmed and edited by Lucas Barraza, who is local skater/filmer in the area that is very active in the local skate scene. This is a homie video and has shredders from the OC, IE,and SD.There is even a clip from Shop Rider Rotceh Leon. Check it out and enjoy!!

New Product SM1 Case and Fisheye available at the shop

Now Available at In store and Online


Available for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and 6 Plus

See Video below on how to install the SM1 on your phone.

Where there is skateboarding, a fisheye lens is always present. The fisheye lens has been used for filming skateboarding for 20+ years. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket to shoot on demand and post straight to social media. This is The Ultimate POV Lens.

SM1 iPhone case

The SM1 is both a protective case for your phone and comes with a 235 degree fisheye detachable lens. The case is lightweight, sleek, and low profile. The case is made from high quality aluminum alloy, tightly sealed with a rubber gasket and screwed together to ensure that your phone is protected. The lens is attached by screwing it directly onto the SM1 case, which is threaded with the most common M17 thread size, making the SM1 case compatible with most phone lenses on the market right now. You have a useful camera in your pocket… use it to the best of its ability and protect it at the same time.

Specs for the SM1

Product Update

As the shop grows bigger so does our product selection. This year we have stepped it up and have gotten some hard to get Items like polar and slave skateboards products. There is always new stuff in stock. Come through and support your local skate shop in Temecula. We got the best stuff at the best price, with the best Knowledge of our products.

Or you can go to our competitors (the big chains) get ripped off, set up wrong, and support greedy rich corporations that care nothing about skateboarding. The choice is yours….