Homie Montage Vol.2

The Holiday Season has been pretty busy here at Overcast Skate Shop. We are busy working on new stuff and getting our taxes done. But never the less we always find time to get a little sesh in whenever we can. Here is a little montage featuring the homies. Once we get the ball rolling we will get A new team montage together so expect that soon.

Thanks for the support everyone, it means a lot to us and to Skateboarding.


Shop Decks are in stock!!!


Shop Decks come in a couple of different stains. Come by and pick one up for $35 w/griptape included. These decks are good High quality wood, we actually sampled a couple of different manufacturers till we found the right one to put our design on. We hope to see you guys rocking one of these out in the streets. We got them from size 8.0 to size 8.75.

Get one at the store or at :



Overcast Montage Vol.1

Since the last one has no sound we bring you the remix.Some good Old Fashioned Skateboarding Featuring Chandler Jenkins, Robert Mariona, Jared Alba, Brittney Conrad, Jacob Johnson, Ben Lopez, And Rotceh Leon. With a nice little homie part. Thanks everyone for the support we really appreciate it.
-Overcast Skate Shop
Song: Cousin of death
Artist: Capaciti & A-Scratch feat. Carnage