Sales good till 9/12

Come by and pick some Skateboarding gear up from your Local Skater Owned Skate Shop In Temecula. These sales are good for the next two weeks. Come by and check us out, you wont regret it…deals912

Team Rider Kyle Branek

Kyle rips on a skateboard and is one of the nicest dudes. He skates for Epiphany Skateboards and is Part of the Overcast Team. Keep A lookout for him in one of our future montages.

This Is from his Epiphany Part from “Arts & Crafts”

Check Out: Lurkville Skateboards

Lurkville Skateboards are coming out of San Diego. They have a sick up and coming team full of shredders. Their graphics are rad they have a nice vintage feel to them. We are proud to carry Lurkville at the shop, so come and pick one up you wont regret it.

This video part is of Dolan from Meet the Lurkers. Dolan is a local ripper coming out of this area. He straight up kills it in this video and live too. He has got a very unique way of skating that will wow you. Check out the rest of the video on youtube.